Our history

From a very young age I have loved fashion. I love combining it all! They have always asked me questions like… Sara, I have a wedding, what should I wear? Sara, I have a job interview, how can I make a good impression? Sara, what is a casual look? (this last one belongs to my husband, for a moment when I seriously considered if we would have a future 😊).

I still remember my first Carolina Herrera bag (one of my references in the world of fashion), the effort it took me to save what for me at that time was something almost unattainable. In fact, I still keep this precious accessory that brings me such good memories and that I have been so proud of for years.

Since I can remember, I have dreamed of having my store where I can show the garments that fill me up so much and be able to convey to my clients the illusion with which I choose them and then see how they look.

On several occasions I have tried to fulfill my dream going through the idea of ​​opening my physical store (economically it was unfeasible), continuing with the idea of ​​setting up a stall in a market (I didn't care how to do it but I had to show people that I wanted it). Fashion is available to everyone and even in a market you can find a look that will leave your friends speechless and they want to copy it), an idea that I had to discard for health reasons (blessed doctor that after 3 years I diagnosed celiac disease !).

I have finally found the way to make my dream come true, which allows me to take care of my little Lucia . She is the reason why everything makes sense , materializing in the clothing brand that I have always wanted: By-Lú Shop . Because everything happens thanks to her, the name of my brand is store (Shop) by (By) Lucía (Lú).

Although it has not been an easy path, I have been able to unite my desire to help others with my passion, finding the necessary strength to undertake the adventure that I have been waiting for so many years .

At By-Lú Shop we try to bring current trends to all audiences, advising on doubts, transmitting the essence of the brand and taking care of the details to the maximum. We bet on our motto while there is fashion there is hope (yes, it is my adaptation of the saying 😊)!, because with fashion always present in my life I have achieved what I have proposed.

This first year we will be focused on improving every little detail with your opinions and recommendations to offer you our best version and cover all your day-to-day needs in terms of outfits.

I can only thank you for your support and invite you to be part of our little family because for us each one of you is unique and it is a pleasure to be able to share this great dream come true.